Ronnie James Dio, 1942-2010

I first picked up a guitar only to learn 2 songs, "Wicker Man" by Iron Maiden and "HOLY DIVER" by the KING of Metal, DIO. Holy Diver was the 1st song that I ever learned to Play. DIO's Music stood out to me and brought me into his Metal Universe - It changed my life and made me a better person as he was full of endless Inspiration! His voice, his talents - endless!

I have always believed that he has done more for the Metal Genre or for any genre of music for that matter & has inspired more musicians than anyone else has on this earth!

His last recorded track with Heaven & Hell was "Breaking into Heaven." DIO along side with his Metal Army stood at the Gates and they broke them down so the KING of MUSIC can CLAIM his rightful THRONE!

The world has lost an irreplaceable talent and, first and foremost, one of the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet.

Long live the Man on the Silver Mountain, Long Live ROCK & ROLL ...

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio - You will live on through our Hearts, our Souls, our Guitar Strings, and our Stereo Speakers that will be blasting out HOLY DIVER on Volume 11.


Opened for "VERSUS THE NOTHING" @ THE SPOT (Yorkton, SK.) on Oct. 14, 2010

* Final Embrase (Primal Fear)
* The Whistler (Demons & Wizards)
* Valhalla Rising (My Own - new song from album in the works)
* Damien (Iced Earth)
* The Fire Within (My Own)

I had a GREAT TIME at "ROCKIN' THE CORRAL" in MELVILLE (Sept. 18, 2010) ... COLD but still Rocked! :)

* The Wicker Man (Iron Maiden)
* Grave to my Own (My Own)
* Sleeping Sins (My Own)
* The Whistler (Demons & Wizards)
* After All The Dead (Black Sabbath)
* The Fire Within (My Own)
* Damien (Iced Earth)
* Valhalla Rising (My Own - new song from album in the works)
* TRIBUTE to Ronnie James Dio with a combination of ... Sign of the Southern Cross, Heaven & Hell, Holy Diver & Man On The Silver Mountain

Hearts On Fire (Hammerfall)

Iron Dragon receives AIR time by TWO more RADIO Stations :)
Local Global Unloaded
81X Rocks

"OPEN THE GATES" receives another good review ... 8/10 -

Iron Dragon receives AIR time by TWO On-Line RADIO Stations

Other News

IRON DRAGON to be played on IMR Radio! (Independent Musician Radio )
IMR On-Line Radio - will be playing the following 3 songs ...
"The Birth Of The New", "The Gates Shall Never Burn" and "To Forge a Legacy"

OPEN THE GATES gains Exposure in Local AUSTRALIA:
I am VERY Excited to tell you that 3 tracks from IRON DRAGON "Open The Gates" has been chosen to be played on the Radio in AUSTRALIA via the AMMA/A'nR! The three songs are:
Prelude to the Gates, The Birth of the New & The Gates Shall Never Burn !!!

OPEN THE GATES gains Exposure in Local PAPER:
OPEN THE GATES was in the October 1 Issue of "YORKTON THIS WEEK". If you are from Out of Town, you can READ it HERE .

Older News

Iron Dragon Receiving RADIO Air Time in BELGIUM
I am Incredibly Excited to Announce that the OVERDRIVE Radio Show (The oldest metal show in Belgium, started back in 1981 - broadcasting on Wednesdays) has been giving Iron Dragon some Air Time!
WEEK 24 (Sun. 10 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 16 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "Burning Rage"
WEEK 25 (Sun. 17 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 23 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "The Ballad With No Name"
WEEK 26 (Sun. 24 Jun, 2007 - Sat. 30 Jun, 2007) - SONG: "One Man's Salvation"

Overdrive played on these Belgium Stations:
Radio Meetjesland - 107.3 FM
Radio Aktief - 107.6 FM
Radio TNT -

Iron Dragon Gains Exposure in Local Newspaper:
June 3rd's issue (2007) of Yorkton This Week (Kaleidoscope - B Section / page #2) has a almost Full page article feature Iron Dragon along with a cool pic of Sam & I jamming in my Basement. There is also a review of the CD (recieved a 6 out of 10). Many thanks to the Column Writer: Calvin Daniels for this Opportunity!

- MUSIC CHARTS (Soundclick) -
Birth Of The New (DEMO For Next Album), Debuts at #5 on the SOUNDCLICK Heavy Metal Charts on the 1ST DAY!! (94 listeners)

Our 4TH Released song METAL HYMN Debuts at # 15 in the Sound Click HEAVY METAL Charts! - It also was listened to an Impressive 104 Times the first day! Currently sitting at # 2 in the Sound Click HEAVY METAL Charts!

Our 3RD Released song SLEEPING SINS Debuts at # 24 and hit # 2 in the Sound Click HEAVY METAL Charts! - It also was listened to an Impressive 117 Times the first day (May 2) and 230 the Next!!!

Our 2ND Released song GAR The DWARF hit # 8 in the Sound Click HEAVY METAL Charts! - Is also my first song to be added into a Radio Station on Sound Click.

Our FIRST Released/Completed song BURNING RAGE, hit # 9 in the Sound Click HEAVY METAL Charts!

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