Ryan Crouse

Ryan dislikes free time and has taken up many talents and projects. He is a Graphic Designer & Photographer - Star Verse Entertainment , CANWARN Trained, Professional Storm Hunter (You can watch him Live Stream Severe Weather right from his website) - www.yorktonstormhunter.com, has his own solo Instrumental Heavy Metal project - Iron Dragon , and is a Comic book Artist/Inker as well as Owner/Creator of Star Verse Comics.

He has always had a special place for "The Darker Side," and has researched various topics surrounding the world the Unexplained for most of his life.

Cole Smith

Cole is a published writer, professional musician, and has worked in TV for many years. Growing up in Winnipeg, he was exposed to "paranormal" phenomenon at an early age. His interest in the supernatural had led him to study various scientific theories, resulting in a belief that the unexplained can be explained - eventually. He's quick to admit strange occurences do happen, but people often jump to conclusions to support a belief system. Cole says we may not get all the answers in this lifetime, but we have to continue to investigate and learn to live with the unknown, until it's known.