Serving Yorkton and Community

My name is Ryan Crouse. I am a Artist/Inker/Musician. I Own Star Verse Comics - One of Canada's Longest Running Small Press/Indie Comic Book Companies (for 10+ years). I am also the Guitarist/Recording and Mixing Engineer for Iron Dragon.

I began this service because I wanted to record Iron Dragon, but didn't really want to waste a ton of money in a Recording Studio, recording something that will be controlled by someone else. I purchased my equipment and as I began to learn how to use them, I noticed that there were others in the community like I, just wanting to record a guitar/bass track or something "simpler" along those lines.

I am here for those people.

Recording Engineer: Vocals, Instruments (Guitars, Bass, etc.)

Mixing: After the Recording is complete, I will create what is called a "Final Mix." I will take all the elements that have been recorded, and 'blend' or 'mix' them together, with the aim of achieving a good balance of the instruments and vocal volumes, as well as improving sound quality through various artificial enhancing methods such as equalization, reverb, and other effects.

Mixing Software:

* Adobe AUDITION 3
* Audacity (currently have over 60 Plug-Ins & Effects such as Reverb, Eq, Low/High Pass Filtering, Hard Limiters, and much more!)
* FL Studios XXL 8 Producer Edition (Plus additional Plug-Ins)
* HD Drum Editor

Graphic Designing: With this being a branch from Star Verse Entertainment, that means that if you are in need of a CD Cover artwork, I am here for you!

Promoting: I will help/aid you in getting your music heard through many different indie website on the internet. (Soundclick, CD Baby, I-Tunes just to name a couple.)

This is currently in the Works. Please email me for more info.